Nature, Beauty and Soul

The vision of the Longview Arboretum & Nature Center is to provide an ecologically sustainable city park that reflects the character of Longview and fosters interaction between the landscape and its visitors.

What is going at the gardens?

The arboretum is under cultivation with a construction team from Ironhorse Construction.

What is the status of fundraising for the arboretum?

With over two million dollars raised through private funding, grants, and corporate sponsorship, the Longview Arboretum and Nature Center is actively working toward completing Phase 1 of the overall master plan.

When will the arboretum be available for events?

After the completion of Phase 1, the Board of Directors will allow the public to tour the arboretum daily with the daytime hours published at a later date.

How do I volunteer?

Volunteer opportunities abound within the Longview Arboretum and Nature Center.