Nature, Beauty and Soul

The vision of the Longview Arboretum & Nature Center is to provide an ecologically sustainable city park that reflects the character of Longview and fosters interaction between the landscape and its visitors.

What is going at the gardens?

Currently, the arboretum is in its organic state, with limited dirt work accomplished to allow for rain collection and cultivation. Extensive work is planned to begin in October, 2017 to allow for needed infrastructure, cultivation of meadows, forests and streams and the new pavilion area at the lake. Important to the future of the Longview Arboretum will be the building at 706 W. Cotton Street. This structure, to be remodeled to fit the purposes of the Arboretum and Events, will begin renovation the same time as the gardens are cultivated. Plans are to welcome the public to tour all this new development, May 2018.

What is the timeline for construction?

Dirt work is scheduled to begin autumn 2017, with a formal grand opening of Phase I planned for May of 2018. During the winter and spring  contractors, gardeners, and designers will bring the master plans of Phase I to life, to include renovations to the building purchased at 706 W. Cotton Street.After that time, as fundraising continues, more plans will be implemented, and more opportunities for the pubic to enjoy this space will continue to develop.

Will it be open for events/rentals after Phase I?

After the completion of Phase 1 the public will be allowed to walk, enjoy, and relax in the completed areas. The City of Longview will publish guidelines for use and park hours.

How do I volunteer?

Volunteer opportunities abound with the completion of Phase 1. Please contact this site, or visit Gregg County Master Gardeners, of the City of Longview Parks and Recreation department to list your contact information for future opportunities.