What is going at the gardens?

Currently, the arboretum is in its organic state, with initial dirt work accomplished to allow for rain collection and the lake's future cultivation. Additional grass and seed work is planned for January of 2018. Construction documents have been prepared and, in time, contractors will be selected to begin work on the formal gardens, trails, bridges, and pavilion at lakeside.  Important to the future of the Longview Arboretum will be the building and grounds purchased at 706 W. Cotton Street. This structure, to be remodeled as the Longview Arboretum Visitor Center, is scheduled to begin it's renovation the same time as the gardens are cultivated. Working with the City of Longview, the Longview Arboretum Board looks forward to announcing a start date for the Arboretum construction, and anticipate the work on Phase 1 to take about a year's time.