What is the timeline for construction?

With over two million dollars raised through private funding, grants, and corporate sponsorship, the Longview Arboretum and Nature Center is actively working toward completing Phase 1 of the overall master plan. With the addition of funding from a 2018 City of Longview Bond Initiative fulfilling the master plans will include the Visitor and Nature Center building and three additional acres (706 West Cotton Street) contiguous to the city-owned 26 acres deeded as a city park. The Longview Arboretum is a public-private partnership between the City of Longview and the LANC Board of Directors to create together a city park with private enhancements. The City of Longview will maintain the basic amenities of the park and the LANC Board of Directors will hire an executive director to create fundraising initiatives for seasonal landscape improvements and initiate Phase 2 of the master plan, develop programming for all ages, oversee volunteers, and direct events and rentals within the building and arboretum grounds.

There will be a nominal daily entrance fee charged to tour the arboretum, and the proceeds from this and event rental fees, annual memberships, and LANC sponsored exhibit proceeds will be directed to the LANC’s annual fund of operating expenses managed by the Board of Directors.