Plans are underway for a late spring 2017 groundbreaking on Phase 1 of construction: another “Peek at the Park” event, complete with a fun run, and dirt turning celebration. In the future, full scale signature events will give arboretum enthusiasts opportunities to revel in the garden delights of East Texas. Until that time, the arboretum is not available for event rentals as it is under construction.

Fall 2015: Walk the Park

Longview's Arboretum and Nature Center Committee hosted "Walk the Park" on Sunday, November 15 to give community members a glimpse into plans for the 26-acre natural habitat park.

Spring 2016: Peek at the Park

The A​rboretum team hosted "Peek at the Park" on Saturday, April 2 to give the community a springtime update on the design and progress of the Longview Arboretum.

Fall 2017 Ground Breaking

Dignitaries, donors, and community folks gather to help turn dirt for the ground breaking of Phase I of the Longview Arboretum. Date to be determined.