Board of Directors & Advisory Board

The Longview Arboretum and Nature Center, Board of Directors represent a committed group of community leaders and passionate advocates for the Arboretum.


Anne Hugman, President

Dan Dar, Vice President

Ryan Davis, Treasurer

Heather Hall, Secretary

Bob Metzler, Past-President

Jan Barth, Member at Large


Sidney Allen

Greg Colquitt

Scott Miller

Diane Buckelew

Dona Wilett

Cody Bowen

Jim Tilley

Virginia Ross

Keith Griffin

Myra Smith


We’re so fortunate to have community leaders participate in our Advisory Board, and we celebrate their willingness to serve in this capacity.

Claire English
Joyce Pope
Robin Brumbelow
Dale Lessenberry
Horace Williams
Jimmy Howell
Mark Robinson
Chuck King
Covenant Oletunde
Dan Droege
Brad Tidwell