Wedding and other Rental FAQs

  1. What hours are available for rent?

Normal business hours.  Night or non-business hour rentals are available on a case by case review with the Executive Director.


  1. Are the west gate and parking at the Maude Cobb entrance available for weddings?

Yes, this request must be coordinated with Maude Cobb to avoid any conflicts.  A security guard is required to man the gate at all times.


  1. Is there a bridal room in the Nature Center?

Yes, there is a Lecture Hall with a small private restroom that is available for rent.  The cost is $75 per hour.


  1. Is there an approved vendor list?

No, however we do require that you supply us with each vendors names and phone numbers when you pay your deposit.


  1. Can we have a DJ/band in the gardens?

Yes, provided that they follow all city noise restrictions.


  1. Is there adequate lighting at night?

Yes, in some areas.  Please check with the executive director for specifics and walk the grounds prior to your event to verify your specific needs.


  1. Do you have a photography discount if a wedding is booked in the gardens?

Yes, the $125 session fee is reduced to $75 for four (4) hours.


  1. Is there a valet service at the Nature Center?

No, but you may hire a valet service for your event.


  1. Is the Nature Center available for rentals after hours?

Yes, there is a security deposit due at the time of booking equal to ½ the rental rate.  The Nature Center rental fees are as follows:

* 2-hour rental $500

* 4-hour rental $900

* 6-hour rental $1200


 Additional fees to rent the nature center are:

* Mimimum of one (1) Longview police officer to be present during the entire event

* $150 clean up fee required

* If serving alcohol, you must obtain a TABC licensed bartender and hire one (1) additional Longview police officer.


  1. Are bounce houses allowed?

Yes.  The bounce house shall be placed on the concrete in the Nature Center plaza only.


For all other questions, please call the Executive Director Steven Chamblee at 903-212-2181 or email him at