Visitor FAQS and Garden Etiquette

The Arboretum complies with accessibility guidelines.  


Certified service animals are permitted in the Arboretum.  Please leave all other animals at home.


Stay on trails and garden paths; watch your step on uneven terrain. Do not climb trees, structures, or water features. Do not disturb or remove any plants, flowers, rocks, or landscape elements.  Do not pick flowers.  Leave them for someone else to enjoy.  Do not remove or relocate signs or plaques.


Do not take or harm any of the wildlife (this includes feeding squirrels, birds and fish).


You are in a natural setting and may encounter a variety of plants and animals. Report any sightings of unusual animal behavior to the Visitor and Nature Center personnel. Seek shelter when lightning or thunderstorms threaten.


Bicycles, tricycles, skateboards, or other sports items, such as frisbees, footballs, baseballs, kites or soccer balls are not permitted.  Balloons and drones are also prohibited.  Wagons and strollers are permitted but please stay on the trails.


Smoking, vaping or e-cigarettes are not permitted in any area of the Arboretum or the Visitor Center.  This includes any evening public activities such as concerts and member activities.  Smoking will not be permitted in the Arboretum parking lot but is permitted in the Maude Cobb parking lot.


All outdoor flames are prohibited including candles, cooking grills and fireworks.


No hunting or weapons are allowed on Arboretum property.


No swimming or wading in the pond or water features.  Please stay on the trails.


All amplified music or noise is prohibited unless previously approved by the LANC.


Don’t forget hats and sunscreen.  Wear comfortable clothes and shoes for walking.  The LANC is 29 acres.


You may want to bring a water bottle.  Drinking fountains are available inside the Visitor Building and at the top of the hilltop pavilion.


You may bring outside food such as snacks and drinks, however we ask that you properly dispose of all trash in the appropriate bins.  NO ALCOHOL is permitted unless at an outdoor concert or other specified event.  Glass containers are prohibited.


Photography is allowed in the gardens.  Please see guidelines outlined below on photography.


Please report any unsafe conditions to Longview Arboretum personnel.


For emergencies, please call 9-1-1